This is the demo for the video contest. In this example we have setup the Contest Category “Video Contest” which ID is 4.
In the Contest Categories settings we have checked “Video Contest”. If you would like to allow your contestants to upload a poster image for the video, enable the image upload field.

We have not set a start time for the contest so that Contest Entries may be submitted while the contest is open for voting.
If you would like an entry period for your contest where entries can be submitted and approved but voting is not open, you would need to set a start date for a future date.

Once an entry is submitted, it will go to a Pending status which you can approve here: Dashboard > Contest > Contestants.

URL Option: Enter your YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitch, Wistia, Vidyyard, BitChute, Mixcloud, MP4, OGV or WebM link in the “Video URL” contestant entry field and we’ll take care of the rest. The WP Voting Contest Core Plugin does not support video uploads on it’s own. If you need support for front end video uploads by the contestants with optional YouTube publishing capabilities you will need to purchase our Video Upload Extension that will allow for video uploads which then publish to your youtube account for display while retaining the original uploaded versions.

Embed Option: Videos are submitted by the user adding the embed code in to the Description field. The embed code would be given to the contestant by 3rd party video sharing websites.

Want to know more about video format compatibility? Read more here.

Settings used in this example: showcontestants id=4 order=DESC orderby=date