With Wellbees, employee wellbeing isn’t just a box you can check off, it’s a strategy at the core of your employee experience–and if we’re being honest—your bottom line, because after all—your company’s only as good as its employees feel.With six times the industry standard for employee engagement, Wellbees is THE all-in-one employee wellbeing platform that offers organisations features proven to lower turnover and increase employee satisfaction. Wellbees takes a multi-layered approach to employee well-being. We use gamification to get colleagues to socialize, provide individualised expert sessions, a dashboard to follow your progress, world-class AI-based content at your fingertips, all reinforced by rewards for participation in our WellMarket!Whether you come to us with your own tools to integrate, or you need us to build everything from the ground up, we’re here to ensure your wellbeing strategy is clear, impactful & easy-to-access. Contact us today and take your first step!