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Total votes for the Contest “Segment 9” : 41

PathMatch is the first Career Navigation App for Gen Z. We help today’s students navigate tomorrow’s workforce so they have the skills and experience needed to be competitive while making it easier for companies to hire them for paid internships

We help large enterprises onboard their new hires based on the 6Cs of onboarding framework.

Sunny Day Fund delivers award-winning workplace emergency savings benefits for people-first organizations, driving retention and better financial health while preserving retirement assets against loans and early withdrawals. With Secure Act 2.0 establishing emergency savings, employers are turning to SDF as

BenefitBump optimizes the deployment of employer benefits to growing families. Our mental health forward program reduces stress and anxiety and improves employee satisfaction, leading to higher retention and better maternal outcomes.

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Total votes for the Contest “Segment 8” : 7

FaidiHR is an all in one cloud payroll and HR platform/software for Businesses in Africa

TalentQL is a future forward company focused on the creation of boundless opportunities for tech talents in the global market. Talent is at the center of what we do and we are driven by the passion to give them a

Mintor enables millions of non-office based employees globally to receive timely HR support through the chat app’s that they already use, e.g. Whatsapp. Our chatbots automate all HR processes and seamlessly integrate with existing HR systems, giving HR back their

Zindi is the leading professional network for data scientists. Our community of 55,000+ data scientists (in 180 countries, 65% African, 27% women) come together on the platform to build their skills and profile by solving real-world business and social challenges

Shaghalni is a platform that connects blue and grey collar job-seekers to the latest jobs in the market using online and offline solutions

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Total votes for the Contest “Segment 7” : 1

JOON is the flexible wellness benefits platform employees actually use and appreciate. Our card-connected platform is used by 100+ forward-thinking employers as a way to attract and retain talent, boost employee engagement, and support workforce wellness.

VanHack brings the world’s top tech talent to you. Over 1,000 companies such as Brex, Deloitte and Headspace rely on VanHack to add more senior and diverse talent to their teams from our community of over 420,000 tech professionals. Jobs

Performica’s software uses digital trace data for accurate, real-time ONA. It provides prescriptive analytics & step-by-step evidence-based guidance so leaders retain their best people & transform their company by doing the right things, with the right people, at the right

Managers are increasingly under-trained & overwhelmed. Skylyte is a manager’s digital companion so they never have to weather team issues alone again. Our integrated software allows managers to easily track their team’s vitals & receive targeted, just-in-time managerial support.

Dreami is a beautiful platform that closes the gap to workforce development for front-line/desk-less workers by powering mentorship-driven programs for Manufacturing, Energy and Construction.

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Total votes for the Contest “Segment 6” : 0

Hybrid work has upended people and real estate. Organizations are struggling to efficiently plan & manage teams and offices via manual processes and siloed solutions. Calven was born through a need to find a single technology solution to power our

SelfDrvn is Data-driven Employee Engagement Platform that enables Self-Motivated, Outcome-driven Culture. It Uses Gamification and Nudges to drive the desired Change and Behaviors.

The spotify-like for solution to grow employee’s personal growth, professional development & financial wellness with bite-sized personalised daily learning & a mentor marketplace in one place, Elladex provides the perfect solution to create, grow & measure L&D & DE&I success.

SelfDrvn is Data-driven Employee Engagement Platform that enables Self-Motivated, Outcome-driven Culture. It Uses Gamification and Nudges to drive the desired Change and Behaviors.

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Total votes for the Contest “Segment 5” : 1

The first AI platform that empowers global companies to recruit, manage, and develop their LATAM tech teams, on-demand. Matching them automatically with the best developers in LATAM through our 20,000 community, and managing their team’s payroll, office, and development in

Maxwell makes it easy for small to medium size employers to offer their teams personalized benefits and rewards. Employees and contingent workers, receive a defined budget from their employer via Maxwell’s app, and choose what benefits & rewards to use

Parentaly is an employee benefit that combines career coaching and content to help companies ensure their employees return from parental leave engaged and productive while minimizing the business disruption associated with extended leave.

Whistle helps HR leaders be the hero of the organization by improving retention using behavior-science driven rewards and recognition.

Stride’s career pathing solution combines coaching with dynamic and personalized micro-learnings to accelerate every employee’s long-term professional development and drive personal growth — because an employee’s success is the company’s success.

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Total votes for the Contest “Segment 4” : 26

Inuka Coaching developed an innovation to identify the 1 in 4 employees who do not feel and function well and coach them back to resilience. Typically this group is not reached by the (often many) existing solutions such as EAP

PayAnalytics makes pay equity easy. Using data, we close demographic pay gaps, integrate pay equity into decision processes (so that gaps do not reopen), and advance broader workplace equity through innovative analytics.


0% of the world’s workforce is made up of deskless employees, yet only 1% of enterprise spend is allocated to software for these employees. Why? The tools don’t exist.
We’re changing that.
Jem builds HR Software for companies with frontline

WeBoard fulfills employee potential and shortens the training time which leads to significant savings in training costs.
Our ultimate goal is to bring corporate education into the 21st century and set a new standard for online training in companies.

With Wellbees, employee wellbeing isn’t just a box you can check off, it’s a strategy at the core of your employee experience–and if we’re being honest—your bottom line, because after all—your company’s only as good as its employees feel.With six

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Total votes for the Contest “Segment 3” : 84

Cognota is the first and only LearnOps® platform for corporate Learning and Development teams. Our award-winning software streamlines L&D processes such as training intake, project and capacity planning, and content design allowing learning teams to work more efficiently and effectively

We help companies around the world create better products, grow sales pipeline, build more inclusive workplaces, and ultimately drive business results by reimagining what’s possible with their most under-utilized asset: employee resource groups.

Meet HR Geckos. We create better workplaces by digitizing key Human Resources (HR) processes and unifying HR systems to focus on what matters most — people.

Illoominus is the first powerful, affordable, and turnkey solution that empowers People Leaders to more easily manage their DEI programs through data.We do this by bringing all inclusion-related data into one place and map inclusion across the entire employee journey.

Happyly is the connection layer powering the the future of work and is the world’s first Wellness and Connection Platform. Through Happyly, workplaces are empowering distributed teams to live well by themselves, their families, or their team.

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Total votes for the Contest “Segment 2” : 51

Companies take an average of +40 days to fulfill a vacancy, costing them +USD$2.5K. On the other hand, every year more than 33 million vacancies are posted in Latin America alone, yet looking for a job is one of the

InterBrain is an EdTech start-up which innovates in the way of learning, empowering work teams with its own Immersive Learning Technology. We develop immersive learning solutions such as simulators in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 3D with the use of

We are promoting diversity in the workplace helping companies to reduce unconscious bias during hiring process through our blind video interview tool (prerecorded or live). An innovative, efficient and fairer platform for all.

We create the technological and logistical infrastructure to optimize human resources verification and compliance processes, boosting workspace based on trust, transparency and well-being.

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Total votes for the Contest “Segment 1” : 10

Onwards HR is an offboarding platform that helps HR, Legal, and Finance teams collaborate to ensure consistent, compliant and supportive employee exits.

As hybrid work isolates people, it’s harder than ever to feel connected to the company. Café boosts belonging across teams by encouraging in-person meetings: it gives employees better visibility over their schedule and empowers them to connect with interests-based events.

BlueRecruit is a direct-hire marketplace for skilled-trade workers who want to build their careers and the companies desperate their talent. The average blue-collar job requires 4x more hard skills than white-collar jobs; however, the recruiting system for white-collar and blue-collar

ConConnect connects justice-impacted people to direct service providers and employers in real-time, accessing individualized needs. Our products streamline the reentry operations of caseworker-driven organizations by converting manual tasks through easy-to-use technology.

An average job seeker applies for 10-15 jobs/week, spending hours every week for free. Meanwhile, large job boards can make $10+ per job submission from employers. We’re bringing cash back rewards to the job search, paying job seekers for applying

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