1. What are the full eligibility criteria to participate?
2. What are the judging criteria for the competition?
3. How is the pitch competition structured?
4. Which competition segment will I participate in?
5. What are the revenue and funding limits to participate in the BWCC Startup Track?
6. What if we are over the funding and revenue limits for the BWCC Startup Track?
7. What if our company is about to secure funding?
8. I have applied for the BWCC Startup Track in the past, can I apply again?
9. What are the benefits of participating in the BWCC Startup Track?
10. What does the winner of the BWCC Startup Track receive?
11. What kind of exposure will I receive by being a part of the BWCC Startup Track?
12. Where can I view the official rules?
13. When is the deadline to apply to the BWCC Startup Track?

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