Inuka Coaching

Inuka Coaching developed an innovation to identify the 1 in 4 employees who do not feel and function well and coach them back to resilience. Typically this group is not reached by the (often many) existing solutions such as EAP providers, apps and company doctors, because employees are too busy and overwhelmed to find their way, and the soltuions are hard to access, not anonymous and stigmatized.

Inuka lowers the barriers to seek help for employees with a simple, quick self scan and online coaching, and referral to existing company resources such as EAP and apps. Inuka also empowers HR with strategic deep data by uncovering the underlying issues in different parts of the organisation by analysing the (GDPR compliant) self-scan results and coaching transcripts of employees. Since Inuka’s launch in Europe early 2020, Inuka has scanned 15.000+ people and coached 2000+ people from 20+ cultures in 7+ languages, at organizations such as Tommy Hilfiger, PwC, the National Police force and large healthcare organizations, published its results in top scientific journals and is expanding fast.
Inuka is also a B Corp certified social enterprise: >10% of the profits go to Inuka
foundation to give free mental health access for vulnerable populations
in Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.